Monday, January 2, 2017

Start of restoring

I started restoring these nine radios by converting the vibrators to solid state. I actually started many months ago by buying parts, acquiring knobs, and reconing speakers. I finally found a speaker reconer that would recone these old field coil speakers. I sent them several permanent magnet speakers and one field coil speaker. All the permanent magnet speakers turned out great but the field coil speaker has a rubbing voice coil. I have enough permanent magnet speakers for these radios so I'll just use them. Was hoping that the reconing of the field coil speakers would work out to keep the radios as original as possible.

I don't have enough original type knobs for all radios so I bought some similar one off ebay that will work.

The field coil speakers. Not only do they have an odd mounting pattern but also old style field coils

Six of the nine

Some pictures of the main tuning knob only used in this model of radio

Exploring some mounting options

Some pictures of the rear panels so when I reproduce the labels I'll get them in the correct locations

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