Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Filter Capacitor Recan

Electrolytic capacitors have a useful life span and ones that are in a 60+ year old radio are way past that life span so they need to be replaced. The problem is that manufacturers don't make them in the old twist-lock package so my solution is to repackage new modern capacitors in the same can.

 Electrolytic filter capacitor ready for removal

 Filter capacitor removed

Crimped edge ground down

 Peeling the crimp away

 Removal of the twist-lok mounting ring

Removal of the terminal board
 Removal of the sealing board and the guts

 Can, sealing board, terminal board, terminals, and mounting ring cleaned up

 Verifying component fit

All can ready for assembly

Connecting together the four filter capacitors

Add sealing plate

Add terminal board

Sealing board, terminal board, and mounting ring installed and epoxied

Leads wraped and soldered

All units complete with label

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